• August 13, 2015

The dynamics of management and development of coastal areas is an important thing. It is a study in the research roadmap in the Lab. Cadastre and Land Policy (KKP Lab). Including in East Surabaya shore up Sidoarjo, because it attracts interesting to study because of the condition of the beach itself and the general environmental conditions adjacent to the beach. This is done by studying the characteristics of monthly and annual wind that ensues forecasting methods waves occur with SMB (Sverdrup, Monk and Bretschneider) to calculate the volume of sediment transport.
Porong River is part of the Brantas River downstream from the flow of the stream sediments, naturally or due to activities of human. At the time of mud flows toward the river agencies and flows into the estuary, the mixing process occurs with suspended sediment from marine water bodies. Influence the dynamics of marine waters in the mixing process. Therefore we need research on the impact of this process by using remote sensing technology, ie by ALOS satellite image data in 2009 and 2010 and SPOT-4 satellite imagery in 2011.